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SoFresh Personal Care delivers products inspired by nature in simple but elegant packaging to provide customers with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at home. All products are free from synthetic additives such as parabens, phenoxythanol, silicone, DEA, TEA or other artificial components.

Enriched with exquisite blends of natural ingredients with delightful fragrances, SoFresh personal care features a range of skin and hair products that are gentle on the body as well as the environment. These products are formulated to beautify and nourish the skin and ease away stress and tension. Among the pampering options available are body wash, body lotion, shampoo, hand wash and hand cream.

Aromachology Collection

Glinting Daffodil

A creative blend of green herbs, metallic, white flowers, spices with a hint of sweet musk finally turns into a sweet and subtle scent of refreshing Glinting Daffodil. This is a modern classic aromatic blend for all seasons, especially for a warm summer day. Glinting Daffodil scent represents both man and woman who love arts. They are creative persons with a beautiful mind.

Citrus Neroli

Citrus Neroli is enchanting, fresh, uplifting unisex scent, it begins with tangy bergamot and subtle scent of neroli flower, a hint of Magnolia, Ylang Ylang and woods are added to make a perfect combination of Citrus Neroli blend. This scent represents a lively and happy person who is fond of nature and adventure.

Peachy Rose

A fresh blend of brimming bloom red roses with succulence summer peach and balanced by musk, patchouli and wood is a perfect option for a classic and feminine scent. Yet, it is nothing wrong if a man would prefer to enjoy the elegance of this scent in order to understand a woman. Peachy Rose represents a charming and confident lady and a bachelor who is still looking for true love.

Jolly Verbena

Jolly Verbena is the scent illustrated harmony and nature living. Freshness tangy orange & lemon are wrapped in a branch of rose and muguet flowers, then all are balanced by the scents of verbena and pine needles. This nature refreshing scent manages to balance both feminine and masculine characteristics. It represents an open-minded man and woman who have positive thinking and gives love and care without conditions.

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